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Sales and contact management for increased success.
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A powerful contact and sales management tool. Take control of your sales pipeline and get closer to your customers.
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  • Two user access
  • Upload from and download to the most common personal contact systems
  • Store individual OR company contacts
  • Integrated 'make contact' email reminders with CalendarOnline
  • Create and manage distribution lists
  • Download and print contact management data
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  • Multi-user access - share and manage contacts data with selected team members
  • Track sales opportunities and understand the value of your pipeline
  • Store contact communication history
  • Integrated customer invoice history with DocumentsOnline
  • Integrated 'follow-up' pipeline reminders with CalendarOnline
"We have used the Business IT Online service for close on a year. It is fast, easy to use and reliable and we recommend it without reservation."

Mervyn Liddle, Marketing Director,
The Best of Wrexham
User-friendly 'what's this?' help and free automatic upgrades.
Advanced user-level module access control.
24/7 access from anywhere in the world across a range of browsers.
Connect multiple users and locations with one Internet-based system.
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